Today the fastest developing water treatment technology. This system is performed in the form of reversing the osmosis that occurs in nature under the applied pressure. By filtration in the molecular structure of the water, high-quality drinking water is extracted from the well and tap water. In developed countries, the majority of American reverse osmosis technology is used in drinking water treatment technology. The organic and inorganic substances, salts, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria, which are dissolved in water, are purified and the healthy drinking water is recovered.

The benefits of water for the human body

It keeps body temperature at a certain level, carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells, ensures the formation of internal secretions and moisturizes the body tissue. It provides weight balance, protects our blood pressure and the electrolyte-mineral balance. Supports our cleaning of toxic substances. Prevent constipation etc. There are many advantages.

Our main source of life: Water

Water is the most important element of human life after oxygen. For a person to meet their biological needs and survive, they should drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water daily. The average water content of 75% of our body weight is necessary to maintain the balance of the body.

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