Our company, which has been active in water treatment for more than 15 years, has carried out countless projects with experienced managers, engineers and with production and technical service team.

We believe from the first day that customer satisfaction comes with quality service and production and our companies are on their way to becoming an industry leader.

Our goal is to our customers; to provide quality products and services with the involvement of all employees and continuous development. In this way, we perform our services (drinking water, seawater and wastewater treatment, process water and pure water production, pool equipment and chemicals distribution, stainless steel product manufacturing, project and engineering, commitment, import-export, consulting, wholesale and retail, assembly and technical services) successful.

As a company “Fokus water” we do all sales and after sales service of our products, which are sold in Turkey and abroad. In order to provide better service in the country, we are expanding our dealer network in Turkey. That is why the Ankara Regional Office was opened in 2008. Besides, our company offers system sales, installation and after sales spare part support in many countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Romania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Albania.

Our company, with high quality and rich product range, has all the necessary technical equipment to provide the sales and after-sales service to our customers. All of the products we sell are backed by our company’s guarantee of quality and technical expertise.

Our company has got its quality and successful work with ISO 9001-2008 quality management certificate, capacity report and qualification certificate in production, CE certificate obtained in 2009 and certified with after-sales service qualification and TSE guarantee certificates. And our goal is, as always, to continue high quality and customer satisfaction.

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