The sale of treatment systems in the home and industry, distribution of equipment and chemicals in Turkey and abroad is carried out by our project sales / marketing team and dealers. Our company offers many advantages in selling products, in line with the needs and requirements of its customers and expanding its product portfolio day by day. Our experienced project team, field technicians, technical support team provide our valued customers; Discovery, water analysis and technical support. In addition, we offer our customers the choice of an economical water treatment system suitable for any capacity, with the equipment included in our broad product portfolio. Our company operates project-based sales orders from our main office. And with our authorized dealers, we want to offer our customers outside Istanbul the best in sales and after-sales service. Our dealer sales / marketing team is in charge of controlling the dealer organization. Our customers can seek advice in many areas, such as pre-sales consulting, sales, shipping, supervision, commissioning and technical service, from our head office and fokuswater dealers.

Our company provides project and engineering services with its employees who have experience in wastewater treatment and recovery systems. The project department of our company offers our valuable customers the best and most economical process selection, using all the knowledge to achieve the result according to the requirements of the customers. Fokus water is at your disposal with system design, project design, technical specification preparation, cost analysis and feasibility studies to solve every problem.

Discovery Service is a service provided through negotiations with our customers. In line with the expectations of our customers; the scope of the discovery service includes the assessment of the work area, the assessment of the equipment to be used and the sampling of the water to be used. Once identified, the appropriate system is selected and presented to the customer.

Fokuswater realizes the design and manufacture of stainless equipment used in the treatment sector with its experienced manufacturing team in its own factory. Focuswater branded; Multi-cartridge filters, bag filters, separator filters, UV disinfection system, hot water filters, cartridge filters, reverse osmosis system spare parts, stainless steel tanks (sand, coal and softening systems), water tanks, water dispensers, etc. Our company, always attaining quality, trust, speed and customer satisfaction, meets the needs of its customers promptly with a fast and effective service. Our company regularly expands its stainless steel products and also provides technical consulting services to customers. Fokuswater, which demonstrates its reputation and quality in its industry, works to serve its customers with various product inventories and customer demand sales models.

Commissioning is carried out by our technical service personnel. This service includes checking the availability of the product, reviewing and adjusting the products, verifying that the products are working, completing the delivery form with the consent and signature of the customer. The original form, remains in the technical service team and the copy remains in the customer. The customer service and warranty process is commissioned when the product is ordered by our central technical service team or an authorized Fokuswater dealer.

This service is the installation of the sold products on field. This service is carried out by our installation team, trained in the installation of systems and equipped with many years of experience. The installation of every system, from the smallest household appliances to our large industrial equipment, is easily carried out by our employees. Our installation team successfully completes the system installation in Turkey and abroad. After the installation process, the operation maintenance booklet will be presented to our customers. If problems occur in the systems, our installation team intervenes in the system.

Our company offers advice, service, spare parts, regular maintenance and repair for the systems we have set up. The most active team of our company, technical service department is responsible for providing all kinds of technical support for all products. After-sales commissioning, customer technical training, maintenance-repair periodic services and contract design are the main topics of the technical service team. The technical service is also responsible for the supply of all spare parts related to the products and the stock tracking. Our technicians are available at any time of the day and our technicians are able to solve any problem. Our central department carries out annual, 6-month and monthly periodic maintenance contracts for our residential and business customers. Fokuswater supplies spare parts that are needed due to malfunctions in its products. In cases where repair is not possible, the defective parts are removed and brought to the service center and then controlled and tested. After repair of the defective parts that can be repaired, they will be reused, otherwise the required parts will be replaced.

Our customers should buy Fokuswater products only from our authorized resellers. Our terms and conditions, except for the dealers, are strictly prohibited. We are under no obligation to provide services for products originating from non-authorized persons and organizations. Our company does not have to provide services for products that have no invoice or goods letter. The commissioning of our products purchased by Fokuswater authorized dealers should be done by our dealers themselves. Prices in our general price list are our recommended retail prices. These prices are calculated on the basis of the effective CBRT sell price on the day of the invoice. The prices do not include VAT. VAT is added in addition. Products that are not delivered by our factory or our main office are shipped with the freight companies we work with. Our products are guaranteed for 2 years, except user error, change of consumables.

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