InoxHome 400

inoxhome is named with the series 400, 405, 410 and 415. The Inox series water purifiers, which we have produced in high quality, have a compact structure. These units are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and are resistant to external influences and wear of all kinds and are designed and manufactured on the basis of the idea of lifetime use. All filters and components are made of first class products. These devices purify water using reverse osmosis technology. Organic-inorganic substances, salts, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses in the water are extracted and thus the extract of the water is recovered. The so-called “healthy drinking water”.

RO and prefiltration system:

Step 1: Storage of sediments, particles, sludge and suspended matter in water.

Step 2: Removal of compounds such as chlorine, color, taste, fragrances and keeps organic substances.

Step 3: Absorb and trap any dissolved gases in water and substances such as oil, industrial waste and asbestos.

Step 4: It does not allow the passage of particles and elements larger than 0.0001 microns, thus eliminating all pollutants, organic-inorganic substances, salts, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses.

Step 5: Regulates the taste of water and ensures the quality of drinking water.

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